Gargoyle on OpenWrt BackFire 10.03

Looks like we can add Gargoyle Web Front End to an existing OpenWrt.

After tinkering around, I figured out a set of generic instructions that should work for anyone else who wants to try this.

First we add the Gargoyle Router repository to the opkg.conf file:

# ssh into the router (using the router's hostname or IP address)
ssh root@router

# get information about the firmware version
source /etc/openwrt_release
ARCH="$(cat /etc/opkg.conf|grep ""|cut -f3 -d' '|cut -f6 -d'/')" #e.g. "AR71xx"
echo "Looks like your router is a '$ARCH' type."

# add Gargoyle repository to the opkg.conf
cat <>/etc/opkg.conf


# make sure the package list is up-to-date
opkg update

Your /etc/opkg.conf file should look similar to:

src/gz packages
dest root /
dest ram /tmp
lists_dir ext /var/opkg-lists
option overlay_root /overlay
src gargoyle

The next part is tricky and can potentially brick your router! You have been warned. You might want to check in the forums if anyone has tried this before and how it went for them.

Myself, I am not actually going to try this now. I'm probably going to order another WNDR3700 so I can test this out without crippling my home network :)

In case you're up to trying this out, I figure the next steps to install Gargoyle are as follows:

# make sure the package list is up-to-date
opkg update

# look up package info
opkg info gargoyle

# simulate installing: this will let you gauge what it does
opkg install --noaction gargoyle

# really install Gargoyle
opkg install gargoyle


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